Welcome to PhenoNeuro

Go beyond politics.

Here is a central hub of sorts, where people of all stripes can learn and spread knowledge. Here we can begin and celebrate the usage of activism, applied and experimental science, innovations, philosophy, pointing things out like absurd items and contradictions, politics, problem-finding, psychology, questions, religion and spirituality, research, social constructionism, social experiments, sociology, technology, tinkering and playing with concepts, and more to do the following things, which includes…

Opposing NNNN AKA (Not) Natural, (Not) Normal
Opposing the usage of False Balance
Opposing the usage of false binaries
Opposing conspiracy theories and pseudoscience
Opposing the so-called Oracle of the Dow
Opposing stigmatization of 'free' statuses
Opposing Havocs
Opposing so-called divinations into people, assume they are all ineffective
Opposing Affluenza and to support finding a cure for it
Opposing the Halo or Horn Effect

Promoting justice-based healthcare reform
Promoting knowledge and exposure of MPCE (Memory Perception Cognition Errors)
Promoting truth in national security
Promoting an asterisk-free economy
Promoting raising the cost of every human
Promoting the rejection of internalized oppression
Promoting truth in perception
Promoting humanity over nationalism
Promoting the eradication of diseases
Promoting economic resistance

Tinkering with disgust
Tinkering with labels
Tinkering with bottlenecks
Tinkering with in-groups and out-groups
Tinkering with omission bias
Tinkering with deviance
Tinkering with social stratification systems
Tinkering with mental illness
Tinkering with not-tensions
Tinkering with approved reactions

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